Editorial: Queensland racing trade saddled with a high new tax and no returns a recipe for disaster

No influence discovered, are trying new keyword!THOROUGHBRED, greyhound and harness racing in Queensland is at a crossroads. The unpalatable route will consign Queensland racing to an amateurish, boorish 2nd-price operation. Cynics in the southern states are already laughing at the Eagle Farm debacle …

As Rose and the grasp they each ran alongside, ‘Now i wonder,’ says Rose, ‘what took you from your home; you should definitely have stayed there on your Irish domain, and never come to profit laurels on Albion’s undeniable.’ ‘smartly, i do know,’ says McGrath, ‘we have wild heather toilets but you’ll discover in historic eire there’s good guys and dogs. Lead on, daring Britannia, provide none of your jaw, Stuff that up your nostrils,’ says grasp McGrath.

Greyhound racing in Britain has been in decline on the grounds that the Nineteen Fifties, with the number of tracks falling from more than one hundred to fewer than 30. not like horse racing, which advantages from a levy on having a bet, greyhound racing receives no subsidy from the bookmakers.

live hare coursing, the game in which master McGrath gained his laurels, is banned in Britain, however accusations of cruelty continue to pursue dog racing, which has additionally been damaged with the aid of scandals round doping after canine got cocaine to run sooner. at the English Greyhound Derby lunch in London this week, its chairman, Alexander Hesketh, recognized animal welfare because the most efficient problem facing the sport.

Hesketh, a hereditary peer whose seat in the apartment of Lords was abolished in 1999, owns Towcester race course and is on a mission to modernise greyhound racing in Britain and world wide. The homeowners of each dog that runs at his direction have to pay a fee of £200, which is matched by using Towcester to poker domino create what he calls a “dogs pension fund” to rehome greyhounds when their racing days are over.

Greyhound races now put up harm information, which display that accidents and deaths are lower than in horse racing, and Hesketh will quickly begin a “Towcester standard” guaranteeing excessive welfare requirements for animals.

The superstar sports English Greyhound Derby at Towcester on Saturday will, regardless of its identify, be a fully Irish affair with Droopy’s Verve the 64 commonplace taking over 5 other Irish canine in greyhound racing’s premier annual fixture. Eighty-five per cent of the canine operating on British greyhound tracks every year are Irish, with British trainers typically sending bitches to eire for breeding.

The free movement of dogs between both islands has flourished when you consider that at the least the late 1860s, when master McGrath won the Waterloo Cup thrice to become the most celebrated dog on the earth. grasp McGrath become venerated with a statue in Lurgan and a monument in his domestic city of Dungarvan, and inspired a ballad that framed his race towards an English competitor when it comes to British-Irish rivalry: